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  Casiro Resources is an Information and communication Technology Consulting firm. We view core technologies as being the technology that runs your business. Anything from your print servers to your internal applications and databases can be provided and managed by us.

In a global economy, where your business is not only competing against your local rivals, and national competitors but also with international companies and small foreign concerns, corporate image and communication with your customers, both current and potential is important. Your reputation is hard earned, but of limited utility if it is not communicated to your customers effectively.

Design Services - Corporate Image and Web Presence...
We offer comprehensive branding and marketing support as well as web design and external web application development.
We offer you the capabilities and benefits of human capital development and procurement. We may be able to help you by providing advice on how to make your company's online presence match your customers' expectations, and how to ensure that your message gets to the right audience.

Information systems
Casiro resources provides you with customizable and comprehensive softwares that bring organization  and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities. Our softwares provide easy, accurate and timely retrieval of employee and activity-oriented information through menu-driven, user-friendly operations and interactive user interface.

Car tracking/fleet management
We offer car tracking and fleet management services to our customers.We have state-of-the-art car tracking equipment to provide you with satisfactory car tracking/fleet management services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Another important factor in maintaining your web presence and getting the best returns from it is search engine optimization (SEO). Although we do not offer SEO as a separate service as all of our web services conform with best practice, including Accessibility and W3C standards compliant web implementations and therefore provide the optimum means of achieving high page ranking within relevant search criteria. We see SEO as the result of a good marketing strategy and standards compliant web implementations, not tweaks and link farms.

General Technology Advice
We are available to anyone for simple and direct technology advice and general consultancy. If you have a query regarding a project that your business is embarking on, or indeed a project in progress, we can provide an impartial channel of information and advice. We can help you by getting quotes for services or hardware on your behalf.

We are also able to provide consultants that operate within your organization with ongoing support and advice in specific areas.
In certain circumstances and where it is appropriate we may also be able to help you find resolutions to technology related disputes with your suppliers.

Technical Suppor
We can provide technical support for your business whether you are using IT products supplied by us or not.

Management Information Systems(MIS)
A management information system (MIS) provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. At Casiro Resources, we provide organizations with and manage management information systems that can be used by both the public and private sectors to manage resources like people, technology and information.

Network Management
We also provide network management services to all our customers and proposed clients. We make sure that your network connections are always intact.

Other Services we render:

  • e-Government
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Business (B2C, B2B, B2E, etc.)
  • e-Collaboration
  • Workflow, content, document and knowledge management
  • Communications middleware
  • Network management
  • ICT security
  • Broadband, mobile and satellite ICT applications
  • Outsourcing services
  • Sales and supplies of computers and other ICT related Material/equipment etc.


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